If You Believed In Love (Cover)

The first “blog book” from Spirit Light Books brought you to by Spirit Light Works!

Jonathon Danforth has checked out of life.  Stinging from an unimaginable loss, he has withdrawn from life, wanting only to live out his existence with as little interference as possible.  However, when his sister talks him into auditing an English Literature class at the local community college, he accepts the invitation to abandon his lonely apartment.  Intent upon making an appearance for his sister’s sake and then disappearing for his own, Jonathon sulks into class.  But when he meets Elizabeth Forester, the professor, Jonathon learns there is more to life and to love than he ever could have imagined.

About Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings shares her heart for God with her novels, articles, and conversations. She loves making new friends, writing, and playing piano and guitar.
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3 Responses to If You Believed In Love (Cover)

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  2. Peg Phifer says:

    Okay, I’m hooked. (Knew I would be)

  3. Comments are most welcome! I’d love to know what everyone thinks as the story goes along.

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