By: Staci Stallings

And the Wisdom

Wisdom.  Often when we think of the word wisdom, it is in relation to an older person.  If you hear of someone younger with the gift of wisdom, you will hear people say, “They are wise beyond their years.”

But what is wisdom?  And is it accessible even before you are walking with a cane and have white hair (or even if you already walk with a cane and have white hair)?

The answer is YES!

Wisdom is accessible.

The best part is, you don’t have to rely on your wisdom.  You get to access God’s wisdom.  How wise do you think you would be with His wisdom flowing through you rather than relying on your own?

Answer:  Really, really wise!

Let’s get back to that puzzle we’ve been building, shall we?

We now have our groups of pieces of knowledge in little piles on the table.  We’ve even put some of them together in small sections and gained understanding.  Wisdom is simply putting the little sections of understanding together to be able to see a bigger, more complex and interesting picture.

Here’s the light house.  It’s finished.  It goes here to the left.  Oh, it fits on the rocks and over this piece of grass.  Snap.  Snap.  And suddenly we don’t just have little small sections together, we have an actual picture.  Oh, wow.  It’s beautiful!  Here, let’s put together this part of the ocean.  It goes over there and down here.

I will tell you this… wisdom is cool.  Wisdom is being able to see things most people either don’t see or don’t know they see.  As you begin to put this understanding together with that one, whole new worlds begin to open up before you.  You “see” things on a deeper, more profound level.  You stop being caught up in the pettiness of the world and can begin to transcend the drama that tries to suck you in and keep you trapped.

Instead of trying to defeat sin on your own, you can relax because God said the battle is not yours.  You begin to understand how to lay your troubles at His feet and just listen.  You stop trying to do, do, do for God and start letting Him do, do, do through you.

To me, the leap into wisdom was one of the most profound connections with God I ever made.  For a long time (and even sometimes now) after wisdom began coming into my life, I would ask, “Why me?” not in a negative way but in an incredibly grateful way.

Why, when so many people struggle with drama, drama, drama so much did God gift me with this ability to see the traps of all of that drama?  I began to see the traps of Satan, how he sets us up to fail and then pounds us into the ground when we do.

I began to see that the sins I had always tried to avoid because God said not to do them actually had a point to not doing them beyond wanting to ruin my fun!  (I know.  What a concept.)

Lying?  I could now see the dead end road that lying leads down, so lying became a non-issue for me because I saw it wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go anyway.  Gossiping?  Total dead end street that leads to drama, drama, drama.  Holding grudges?  Just not worth it.  The person was wrong.  I’ve been wrong.  We’re human. It happens.  Forgive and move on (sometimes much easier to do than others, I know, but start small and work your way up).

But strangely, I was no longer trying to guilt myself into keeping these rules, nor was I trying to accomplish them on my own strength.  Now I could see the wisdom in keeping them, and then it became much easier.

Wisdom also began to flow through me into the lives of others, not because I was trying to impress anybody but because I told God to speak through me, and He did!

More than once I have said something and wondered why I said that.  Maybe it was to someone I didn’t know very well or maybe it was in a group where I was trying to keep the fact that I’m “God weird” from showing quite yet.  But out the words came anyway.

Funny though how many times I have found out later that what I said was exactly what someone else needed to hear.  Now, I take no credit for that because if I had been going on MY will, I would never have let myself say THAT!  I have even argued with God about why He had me say that and how it was going to make me look to the person.

The problem is, I have told God that my life is His, and He’s taken me at my word.  That means He puts me in situations I might not necessarily like so that He can come into them.  I have walked into emotional chainsaws without knowing they were there, been shredded and hurt very badly, only to come through being able to speak God’s love into the situation and watch people get healed.

I’m not going to tell you this is fun because it’s not.  But I don’t get my worth and acceptance and love from what others might temporarily think of me anymore.  Wisdom is learning that God (and only God) gives me my worth, acceptance, and love.

That is the foundation of all wisdom.  Start there.  Everything else will follow.

Chapter Discussion

1)       How do I gain knowledge about God and His plan for my life?  What avenues do I consciously open up so His Word and Message can get to me?  Are there any ways I have closed off?  Why?  Might it be time to open those pathways again?

2)       What is one time in my life that something new I learned about God or His Kingdom made a real, lasting impact on how I saw His Message?  What did I believe before?  What did I see after I learned this piece of information?

3)       What “lessons” has God brought into my life (painful or joyous) that taught me about Him and His love for me?  What was the lesson?  What did I learn from it?

4)      When I pray, do I ask God to give me strength, patience, wisdom, etc.?  Or do I rely on His strength, patience, wisdom, etc. to get me through the situation?  How might relying on His abilities change the way I look at the challenges in my life?

5)  Do I trust the process and the results of situations in my life to God’s Wisdom, or do I try to control things based on my own agenda, goals, and perceived “right” outcome?  Do I judge outcomes based on what I think they “should” have turned out like?  What might it mean for me to start trusting God with the process and the outcomes?

Copyright Staci Stallings, 2010

About Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings shares her heart for God with her novels, articles, and conversations. She loves making new friends, writing, and playing piano and guitar.
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