The 9-12 Project: Day 9 & 10

Day 9

I choose to see God’s goodness.

God’s goodness is all around, but we have gotten so caught up in our busyness and planning our lives and striving that we ignore or never even bother to think about the good things God has done and is doing in our lives.

Take a moment to list three unbelievable miracles that have happened to you directly.




These were not accidents.  They were not luck.  They were God, acting on your behalf in a powerful way.

I’m betting you can come up with many, many more.  Start with the trees or the sunshine.  Start with your life.  Start with the things you know have come from God or just the things that come to mind.  List all the evidences of God’s goodness in your life that you can think of here:

Day 10

I choose to be grateful.

Gratefulness can change your life.  Gratefulness reorients your focus from what is wrong to what is right.  It makes you stop saying, “Look at all these weeds.  Look at all this work.  Look at all this junk I have to put up with.”  And makes you start saying, “Look at all I have, all that God has given me, all the ways that God has been bringing about my ultimate good. I am so fortunate to be loved by such a generous, loving God.”

It is impossible to be upset and negative if you’re focused on what you’re grateful for.  So it’s pretty clear that we’re in a gratefulness deficit in the world today. Talk to those around you, ask how they are. You will hear, “Fine,” “okay,” “not bad.” Gee, no wonder we’re not seeing solutions!  No wonder we don’t have much happiness, much less joy.

For awhile people have looked to affirmations or positive thinking to “motivate” themselves into a good attitude.  I believe these are doomed to failure because there will be times you simply can’t motivate yourself out of yuck.  But the one thing that can is being grateful.  The more grateful you are—about the little, about the big, about the seen, and especially about the unseen, the more you will be given things to be grateful for.

Take a moment to list five things you are grateful for:






Now take a moment to list three things that you would not have chosen for yourself but that taught you very important God lessons that you could not have or would not have learned any other way.




I believe when we can begin to be grateful even for those things that appear as weeds, God’s power can truly begin to flow through our lives.  Reorient your gaze to being grateful… in the joy and in the pain.  It will unchain you from negativity in ways you can not imagine.

Dear Lord, I want to be grateful.  Help me to stop and listen, to see Your goodness, and to be grateful, so grateful, and ever more grateful… for my life but also for You.  Amen.

Record your thoughts.

Copyright Staci Stallings, 2008

About Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings shares her heart for God with her novels, articles, and conversations. She loves making new friends, writing, and playing piano and guitar.
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