The 9-12 Project: Day 13

Day 13

Today we shift from principles to values.  The next nine days you will be challenged to integrate these values into your being.  Please remember that God does not call us to what we think we can do.  He calls us to the things that only He can do.  We can do these things only as we surrender to Him.  With the principles forming in your heart, it is time to step ever closer to the life He has in mind for you.

Value #1:  Faith.

Without faith, you can do nothing.  But faith is not just believing.  Believing is a step but only the first step.  True faith is believing and doing. What if Peter had stood in the boat, going, “No, really, Jesus. I believe it’s You. You want me to get out of the boat?  Well, that’s just not logical.  I’m staying right here, but I really do believe in You.”

The evidence of the strength of our faith is in the fruit that our lives produce.  That is not fruit we produce.  It is the fruit that God produces through us.  Faith is the bridge that allows us to tap into His understanding and His ability.  Faith says, “Be in peace” even when the world is lashing at us to convince us not to be at peace.  Faith says, “God’s got this all under control” even when chaos swirls around us.  Faith says, “God has a plan” even when everything seems out of control.

As our lives begin to change in ways God has planned, it will take great faith on our parts to continue to surrender, to continue to take the steps we’re asked to take even if we don’t understand, to continue to breathe and trust.  Because the deeper we go with God, the more He will ask of us.  He will send us on scarier missions, more desperate missions, more important missions not because He believes in us but because He knows we will trust Him.

Think for a moment about someone with great love, who has left a legacy of good in the world, who you think of as a role model, someone who really stood on God’s promises.  No matter who that person is, I believe their journey to immortality, even here on this earth was their choice to have faith.  Faith for the future, faith for the present, faith for this step.  Do you have that kind of faith?  If you don’t (and even if you think you do), then stop relying on your faith and start trusting God to use His faith in your life.  God is ever faithful and will be faithful even when you cannot be.  Rest in that knowledge.

Dear Lord, I know You have had this part of my life planned since You first thought of me.  I ask You, Lord, to help me take the steps You are asking me to take.  If those steps are to free me from something in my past or to take steps into my future, I ask You to be with me and to guide me to take them, knowing You are there, trusting that You will hold me up, and loving me every moment.  I’m ready to leap from the cliff, Lord.  Help me soar.  Amen.

Record your thoughts.

You have now reached the two-week mile-marker.  I invite you to take the following page to record the things that have happened in you and in your world these last two weeks.  Record the things God has done.  Record those things you are still waiting on.  Record your journey.  Then continue today to Day 14 on the following page.

Copyright Staci Stallings, 2008

About Staci Stallings

Staci Stallings shares her heart for God with her novels, articles, and conversations. She loves making new friends, writing, and playing piano and guitar.
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